i-social Implants


i-social Implants

Implant planning with computer navigation – quick and simple via the internet

Patients with difficult jaw situations and a lack of bone substance can still be treated with implants, provided that they are placed in the correct position without any risk of damaging nerve structures or the maxillary sinus mucosa. A variety of computer-navigated implantation methods have been developed in order to protect these structures. Computer-navigated implant planning has been around for more than 10 years and the systems have constantly been improved and enhanced over time.

Our project “i-social Implants” provides dentists with an opportunity to perform computer-navigated implant planning via internet platforms or have it undertaken by experts. The internet platform offers worldwide networking and can be used in any location, making it possible to contact implant specialists all over the world and obtain planning and surgical assistance.

At the CMF INSTITUTE VIENNA, advanced training courses are available in which we give instruction and run workshops about these internet forums and implant planning systems and we perform live operations involving computer-navigated implant insertion.

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